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Meatball and Wine Bar

Meatball and Wine Bar

Meatball and Wine Bar

It’s been one whole year since Meatball and Wine Bar opened in Flinders Lane, so it was time to celebrate in signature Italian style. Warmth and welcome are at the core of everything Meatball and Wine Bar do. The pared back menu and relaxed atmosphere sets the mood for comfort food. This party’s atmosphere was no different.

Owner and founder Matteo Bruno was a fantastic host alongside restaurateur and celebrity chef Stefano de Pieri. Mouth-watering meatballs and Aperol Spritz really got the party started. Stefano oozed heartfelt Italian passion, describing the restaurant as a place where staff are really on the ball with their service – pun intended.

Dinner at Meatball & Wine Bar is a wonderfully casual affair. You’re invited to mix and match to create your own perfect dish with a choice of beef, pork, chicken, fish or vegetarian then your preferred sauce: red (salsa), white (cream) or green (pesto). The fact these are the colours of the Italian flag is hardly a coincidence. 

After all that feasting, we left the party with full tummies and big grins. Meatball & Wine Bar claim to have ‘the greatest balls in town’ and it’s hard to disagree! ☆

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