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Meet our Founder

Meet our Founder

Meet our Founder

Dream. Plan. Do. They’ve been the words our founder Renee has lived by since she discovered the world of work at just aged 13. Inspired by her family's business and driven by her passions, she’s energised by success and motivated by possibilities. Her balance of left brain / right brain, or business acumen and creativity, was a natural fit for the world of marketing, PR and business growth.

Good things come to those who hustle.

Renee was always destined to carve her own career path. From a young age she watched and learned from her entrepreneurial parents’ business. With a large fashion production house, three standalone boutiques and a presence in some of Australia’s largest retailers, theirs was a fast-paced world that whisked Renee along for the ride.  

Having soaked up her dad’s business acumen and her mum’s creative flair, Renee went on to work with some of the biggest brands in Australia: Myer, Nike, Adairs and heading up a $40m department at Spotlight. She also broadened her skills founding a construction company. Despite the variety of roles, Renee had found her passions: marketing and business growth were the spaces she wanted to play in next.


Go where you feel most alive.

After 14 years of working in fashion, home interiors, building and property, Renee felt there was a better way to service these businesses’ marketing needs. She loved the breadth of what integrated agencies offered but admired the personal touch of the smaller ones. In 2009, she established the Renee Stah Agency, with the aim of offering the best of both worlds. She put together a team that matched her vision and were willing to innovate to find a better way.


Raise the bar a little higher.

If you haven’t guessed it so far, Renee isn’t really like other people in the business. She always aligns her interests with what’s best for her clients and adds a personal touch to everything she does. For Renee, it’s not just another job. She’s fully invested. Rapidly changing technology means marketing strategies have to change just as fast. Renee takes clients on the journey with her, educating them if needed without any stuffy sense of pretence. 

As an entrepreneur and creative problem-solver, Renee has a knack for finding insights that give clients’ businesses a hook to drive better performance. With a completely integrated marketing company, they don’t have to look any further to make their dreams a reality. It’s why our clients know they’re in the trusted hands of one of Australia's best. ☆

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