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Summer Days

Summer Days

Summer Days

We all love to take a trip down memory lane at Christmas. You might reflect on the year just gone. What are you most proud of? What could’ve gone a little better? Or perhaps you’ll indulge in a little more nostalgia.

Building strong relationships are a huge part of our business and Milk Bars remind us of that community feeling. They evoke memories of owners who knew everyone’s names, people who always had time for a chat and had infinite patience, especially for children who would spend half an afternoon drooling in front of the lollies counter before finally spending their five cents on freckles and snakes.

This festive season, we chose to share Justine McNamara's Summer Days artwork from her Milk Bar Series because we also believe in the very values of patience and maintaining a personal touch in dealing with our clients. Our business is a community, a place to share stories and an urban oasis just like the Milk Bar. 

Justine McNamara is based on the Mornington Peninsula and pays homage to the iconic part Milk Bars play in our Australian identity. Justine believes we have a tendency to romanticise the past and her vibrant gelato themed paintings celebrate these memories. For Justine, nostalgia is all about understanding the present, about what's now changed and why.

While we look back and perhaps reminisce simpler times, let’s also commit to being present this festive season and planning a fantastic year ahead. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, safe and happy holidays and amazing Summer Days. ☆

Artwork: Justine McNamara

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